Indoor Camera


The indoor security camera that records everything thanks to the built-in motion sensor and notifies you via push message. Can be installed in under 10 minutes! As soon as the camera detects movement, the siren will go off and you’ll immediately receive a push message on your smartphone. You can watch live, check the recorded images of 30 seconds and download those images for free.

This can be integrated with the FULL HOME AUTOMATION HUB also.



With the Indoor Camera nothing will escape you again, because this Full HD plug and play indoor security camera records everything and sends you a push message if there is something suspicious going on. The great thing is that you can install the camera in under 10 minutes and you can set it to communicate with your smartphone via the app – it looks great too!

All images the camera records are stored in the cloud or on your own Dropbox. As soon as the camera detects a movement, it will immediately start recording and you’ll receive a push message on your smartphone. You can watch live, check the recorded images and download those images for free.

The Indoor camera is future proof and fully compatible with a wide range of services like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT.

And then there’s the privacy shutter, as soon as you enter the room, the camera literally closes down, so everything you do in the privacy of your own home is for your eyes only. Nothing gets recorded, nothing gets stored in the cloud, zippo, niente, nada. 100% privacy guaranteed.

Finally. Have you got pets who are free to wander around? You can set up the camera in such a way that not all movements activate it.


  • Full HD video camera: super-sharp images so that nothing escapes you
  • Motion detector: the camera starts recording as soon as it detects movement
  • Active privacy shutter: your private life is automatically shielded
  • 30 seconds of image recording upon motion detection
  • Download the video clips for free or upload to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive
  • Plug and play: installed and active within 10 minutes
  • Design: compact, clean-cut and white
  • Compatible with several services like IFTTT, Nest, Amazon Alexa & Google assistant

Keep your privacy when home

With the unique shutter, you can keep your moments at home private. Close it and open it with a simple tap right from your app.

Talk and listen from anywhere

With its 2-way audio communication, the Indoor Camera lets you talk and listen using your smartphone. Connect with your loved ones even when you are away. The user-friendly app makes sure you get the best of your high-quality IP camera.

Enjoy all details

You can zoom easily in the video up to 4x and watch all details thanks to the unique zoom. The Full HD IP camera makes sure you can watch everything pixel perfect. This handy feature is available in live and recorded video material.

Choose what to secure

Select the areas you don’t want to detect, such as your couch where your dog always takes place, and secure only what matters: your windows, doors, or other critical spaces. The camera starts recording as soon as it detects movement making sure you are up to date all the time.

SomfyVision: The unique combination of an infrared-based motion sensor and motion detection ensures highly accurate alerts.

Easy Set up: Install your Somfy IP camera in minutes from your smartphone with the user-friendly Somfy Protect App (iOS & Android).

Talk and listen: Enjoy the camera’s 2-way audio communication and make sure to always stay connected to your home.

A great monitoring experience: The Somfy camera comes with a 130° wide view angle, a 4x zoom (Magic Zoom), and night vision. Images will just look crystal clear!

Smart Activation: Somfy will remind you to activate motion detection when leaving is a rush.

Rely on your friends and Family: Never worry again when you’re away. Grant access to your security system to your trusted network.

Know who is home and safe: See who’s home and get notified when your children are back home, thanks to the Kids Mode of the Somfy Protect app.

Recording & Storage : 30 seconds of image recording upon motion detection. Download the video clips for free or upload to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive

What’s included?

  • Indoor Camera
  • Adjustable support base
  • Micro USB cable
  • USB adaptor (5V / 1,5 A)
  • Local interchangeable plugs
  • Tool for Reset

Optional you can combine the Indoor Camera with the wall mount to hang your Indoor Security Camera up high, right on your wall.

  • HD video sensor 1080p / 30 fps live view
  • Wide angle 130 (diagonal) with fixed focus (60 cm/ 1.9ft to infinity)
  • Night vision (6m) with a mechanical infrared filter
  • Digital zoom x4
  • Vision motion detection (5 m/ 16ft)
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 Ghz) – open/WEP/WPA WPA2-Personal supported
  • Audio: Built-in speaker and microphone
  • USB adaptor (5V/2 A)
  • Dimensions: 43 x 90 mm
  • Weight: 195g
  • Operating temperature: 0-45

Additional information

Weight 1 kg